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El Wadi Group

Our prime range includes several kinds of Fresh fruits & vegetables, and as our main products is citrus, Dates, strawberry, grapes, pomegranate and other kind of fruit and vegetables. Our range of fruits has been specially developed to meet the needs of our potential clients. We have been in this business for 55 years ago. We assure premium quality fresh fruits to the customers all over the world. Our endeavor has been to achieve a renowned position in the arena of export.

El Wadi Group / Egypt uses the business concept of the modern enterprise to set up the marketing network system.

Our brand promise of “Creating a bond between man and the earth” is the motivation behind all our actions. We are proud of our position at the junction between the best lands, growers and produce as well. And has won great praise from domestic and overseas clients by excellent and strict product quality.

El Wadi Group / Egypt believes in getting things done from start to finish. We truly believe that when your passion is growing the produce, the rest simply comes naturally.

El Wadi Group / Egypt is largest grower and exporter of dates and citrus, fruits and vegetables, and is a leading global supplier of the world renowned lot of brands.

In our dynamic world, El Wadi Group / Egypt takes pride in its ability to adapt itself to the frequent global changes as well as the unique demands of each and every client. Our deep integration in every step of the produce’s journey from beginning till your port allows us to make any change required at any step of the way. Our main market is in Asia japan , south Korea , Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia , Bangladesh , Dubai , Europe Poland , Holland ,France , England , Germany , ETC , and Canada
And for Asia make sure that we are always ahead of the global market trends and offer local marketing and distribution solutions in the various local regions.

Growing is our passion. Marketing is our profession.

EL Wadi Group / Egypt invests great effort and resources in nourishing its fields and in of new and exciting varieties, Over 75% of our dates come directly from our own groves – and in citrus we are chosen f the best quality with the exact sizes that we need from our groves which we planted and others , managed, picked and packaged. All for one cause: to make sure our clients receive the freshest produce possible.

The meticulous system enables us to record the condition and how the products life in the containers after loading till deliver it to the customers our concept of quality comprises of: stringent quality assurance measures, social awareness and continuous improvement through research and innovation. We specialize in supply chain management of agriculture products such as :
Citrus , Fresh Onion , Fresh Garlic , Potatoes ,Fresh Fruits , Fresh vegetables , and other various products.